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Kosher Vacations Today Are Nothing Like They Used to Be

Going on Vacation—Kosher Style

We have passed through the three weeks, the time period when we reflect more intensely on the loss of our Temples. Tisha B’Av, a day of fasting, set aside to mourn the destruction of both Temples is now behind us. If you are new to being observant, these special days on the Jewish calendar may be unfamiliar to you. They were certainly not on my radar screen. But, now we move on to the next period of time on our calendar—vacation! And just because we are observant Jews, it does not mean we have to make any sacrifices when it comes to having a great vacation.

Israel: One Big Family Vacationing Together

In Israel, there is something called, “bein haZemanim,” the weeks between Tisha B’Av and the first of Elul. If you find yourself in Israel during this time, you will think that the entire country has gone on vacation at the same time. It has. The highways are clogged, buses and trains are packed with passengers, leaving standing room only, and everyone is on their way to their favorite vacation destination. It may sound unappealing, but actually it is great fun. In spite of the crowds, everyone is in a good mood and looking to maximize their fun. It is a special time to visit Israel if you can.

Cruise around the World

If you have been dreaming of a cruise, no problem. Kosher cruise companies are ready to sail you to Alaska, Europe, Russia, Asia, or South America, through the Caribbean or Greek Islands and more. Just dream up a place and you will find a kosher cruise. Just because it is kosher, don’t think you are giving up any of the usual cruise luxuries. You will find all the same activities, non-stop food, entertainment, plus synagogue services and lectures by well-known rabbis.

Single? No problem. Special kosher tour operators offer everything from cruises to landside excursions to the Mediterranean, Israel, and, Europe as well as stateside destinations such as Miami Beach.

Thanks to Chabad, you can travel to just about any place in the world and find kosher food and a place to daven.

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