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You Keep Kosher and Your Parents Don’t, Now what?

You Keep Kosher and Your Parents Don’t, Now what?

What is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you first become religious? Telling your mother that you can longer eat her cooking. This is guaranteed to start the fireworks.

I spent most of my life in France, growing up in Marseilles and then later living in Paris. Until a few years ago, I was not a religious Jew, leaving me free to enjoy all the delicacies of fine French dining.

After my wife and I made the decision to become religious, one of the first mitzvahs our Rabbi suggested we take on was to go kosher. This meant totally redoing our kitchen, an experience I will share with in a separate post, and limiting our diet to only what is allowed by the kosher laws. The most difficult part of the journey to keeping kosher was telling our parents that we could no longer eat their cooking. How do we balance our new lifestyle with the Jewish mitzvah of kibud av v’am—honoring your father and mother?