Rosh HaShana Shofar

Rosh HaShana Tips for Millennials and Spiritual Seekers

Rosh HaShana for the Millennial Generation

For those looking to be more spiritually connected, especially millennials who eschew rigidity for passion and self-expression, sitting in a synagogue for hours on end, reading meaningless prayers is not very appealing. But they are not alone. The Rosh HaShana themes of judgment and confession do not resonate with many and, in fact, can alienate us even further from our religious roots. Here is how to have a rich spiritual Rosh HaShana experience that will take you to the spiritual heights you seek.


Oren Laurent’s Family Kitchen Goes Kosher.

Making your kitchen kosher can be easy and fun.

When we left off in the previous post, we had finished torching or boiling all the utensils we could keep from our before-kosher days. We were pretty happy that we had invested in good cooking pots and pans, which were easily koshered through one of the two methods. Our Rabbi walked us through all the stages and steps and, as you may remember from the last post, was on hand to put the final “firing” touches on our kosher kitchen. Once my wife recovered from the thought of the possibility of burning down our specially designed gourmet kitchen, she quickly jumped into the swing of reorganizing and buying the new utensils and supplies we needed to become fully kosher.