men kneeling on golf course

Keeping Shabbat Means the End of Saturday Tee-times

From Tee-time to Tefilah-time

As I mentioned in previous posts, once we made the decision to become religious, we sought out and found an amazing rabbi who patiently guided us along our new spiritual journey. Our rabbi suggested that we begin by keeping the laws of kashrut. Second, was to observe the Shabbat-the holy Sabbath. Turning over the kitchen to make it kosher and giving up our favorite restaurants proved to be much easier than keeping Shabbat. My wife and I enjoyed many “weekend” activities, and for me, Saturday mornings were spent on the golf course.

Golf was more than hitting a ball around the course

men kneeling on golf courseFirst of all, I was an avid golfer and we enjoyed many golfing vacations around the world. Saturday mornings on the links was a chance to unwind from the hectic schedule of the week, and connect with my friends and colleagues. Sometimes I golfed alone, and it was a time to connect with nature and be spiritual in my own way. How would I keep my connections if I couldn’t tee it up with my friends?