Becoming Observant As a Family: How to Survive the Challenges

Taking the Family on the Teshuva Train

One day we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of life. We may find ourselves with a yearning to reconnect to our roots, to the traditions of our family. In some cases, such as mine, we have a chance encounter, are awesomely inspired and want that inspiration to last forever. A passion catches fire and we are off! This is great for us adults. But what if you are a family? How you move through the process of becoming observant will seriously impact the future of your children’s attachment to their yiddishkeit.

elul month

Elul: The Hebrew Month for Soul Reflection

I was speaking in my last post about the holidays, fasts and special days that make up our Jewish calendar. Of course, we are all engaged in the global world so we organize our days by the standard calendar. But, we also have a Jewish calendar and this is one of the many things that a newly observant Jew comes to discover. We know the main events of course: Pesach, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Chanukah. And then there is Succot and Shavuot, although these two holidays are not fully observed. But, we also have an entire month—the month of Elul, which begins this year on September 3rd. (more…)